After many hours of tedious excel work (not to brag or anything), I have a tool for you to use to decide whether or not to opt into the new military blended retirement system.  The two following spreadsheets show an O-3 and E-5 (click on links to download spreadsheet) with five years of service and what they can expect to receive from the old and new retirement systems.  I have not locked either spreadsheet, so that you can go in and play around with them to suit your needs.  The first sheet in each file is a calculation of the benefits you can expect to receive under both systems and the second sheet is a pay chart which calculates what base[…]

For my first true financial post on the blog, I am posting a basic budget spreadsheet.  The excel spreadsheet is nothing fancy and leaves a little to be desired, but the basics are there and can help you get a quick handle on what you are earning, what you are spending, and what you have left over. The information entered in the spreadsheet at the moment is for a single E-5 stationed in Washington D.C., though everything in the spreadsheet is unlocked so feel free to play around with it and change the values for your needs.  In the future I hope to produce a more advanced spreadsheet that requires a little less knowledge of excel and is a little[…]

This blog will be dedicated to delivering great content to help people get their financial lives in order so they can live the way they want!  As you can see by the title it will have a focus on advice for military families, but by no means it’s it limited to just those in uniform.  I believe that if you can control your finances you can have absolute control to live your life the way you want with reduced stress levels and increased opportunities for success.  At my blog I will not lecture you like you are intellectually inferior, I will not tell you that you are stupid as some other personal finance bloggers I have read do, and I[…]