This blog will be dedicated to delivering great content to help people get their financial lives in order so they can live the way they want!  As you can see by the title it will have a focus on advice for military families, but by no means it’s it limited to just those in uniform.  I believe that if you can control your finances you can have absolute control to live your life the way you want with reduced stress levels and increased opportunities for success.  At my blog I will not lecture you like you are intellectually inferior, I will not tell you that you are stupid as some other personal finance bloggers I have read do, and I will keep things simple but at the same deliver levels of sophistication which I think will help your life.  There are three simple rules in my approach to personal finance, so simple an AO can count them: 1. Save and invest 35% of your take home pay after taxes 2. Don’t give up the little things you love and 3. Make time for your family and live the life you want!  I hope I can deliver on my promises to improve your financial life in the weeks and months ahead so that you can build a better and more fulfilling life.

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