This blog is only a few days old, but I have had a personal debate about whether to include my own financial story including both successes and failures.  I have reservations, because I feel like writing about your own successes in particular can give the impression of bragging, but after much consideration I believe that writing about my successes in combination with a healthy dose of my failures can be an inspiration to others.  I think my story will help motivate you to achieve your financial goals, because I am in a similar situation as all of you – a junior officer (JO) in the Navy.  I know that not everyone is a JO, but even on a smaller enlisted salary you can still achieve your goals and they DO NOT have to be small goals, because what is the point of having dreams if they are not big?

This is my personal story:  I am a JO with a little over four years of time in the Navy.  I graduated college with no student-loan debt, a career starter loan debt of ~$36,000 at 0.5% APY (annual percentage yield), and a car that was paid for.  So I must admit that I started in place better than most and am very thankful for how blessed I have been. I understand many service members, both enlisted and officers, come into the military with a hefty amounts of student-loan debt or consumer debt (e.g. credit cards, auto loans), but I still believe my story is worth telling even though I come from a different perspective than many service members.  In spite of my different situation, I do have empathy for the average financial starting position of most service members.  Indeed, I have made some glaring financial mistakes in the past four years which I will freely tell you about in posts to come, but for now I will present you with what is to become a monthly blog post and on a rare occasion more than once-a-month if something extraordinary occurs.

In summation here is what my financial situation roughly looked like coming out of college:

As of February 9, 2017 this is exactly what my family’s financial picture looks like:

In my next post, I will go into more detail on how we got to this point and what has work for us thus far in our journey to our first $1,000,000!

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